4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid DIY Roof Repairs

If roofing were easy, we’d all be doing it. However, that’s not the case, is it? Roofing takes a lot more nuance and training than the average homeowner readily admits. Though some DIY repairs around the house appear to be quick, easy and cost-effective, roof repairs are a completely different story. We recommend that you only entrust your roof to licensed contractors like ourselves for the following reasons:

It’s extremely dangerous

Climbing up on your roof with an unsecured ladder doesn’t sound like a good idea – does it? That’s because it isn’t

That action alone creates enough opportunity for you to hurt yourself. Once you’re up on the roof, you’re literally one slip away from a tragedy. Just think about that. For this reason, we ask you and all our customers to view getting professional help as an act of self-preservation.

We teach our crews to prioritize both their personal safety and that of our customers. You’ve worked hard to give your family’s home and you should enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t jeopardize your ability to do either one because you’d like a crack at your roof’s latest leak.

Voiding Your Roof’s Warranty

You don’t want to endanger your life trying to fix your roof. You sure don’t want to void its warranty either. Roof warranties last anywhere from 20 to 75 years depending on the material. If you botch a repair early on in your warranty, you run the risk of forgoing all the benefits that come with the warranty. 

However, if you get Regions Commercial on the job, we’ll be able to address the problem and our quality craftsmanship will have your roof fixed and keep your warranty intact. Don’t risk your health and money on a leaky roof, get Regions on the job.

DIY Cost More Later On

A lot of amateur handymen get on their roofs thinking they could save themselves a few hundred bucks. Unfortunately, the price of a botched DIY repair might be WAY more than that. Most homeowner insurance policies don’t cover DIY repairs. 

Unless you’re comfortable shelling out thousands of dollars to fix your own mistakes, we recommend getting in touch with us. Also, failed DIY repairs could cost you thousands of dollars in lost tax deductions – we’ll expound on this in one of our upcoming blogs. If you want to improve your home’s resale value and extend its lifespan, make sure you let licensed professionals handle the job

The Untrained Eye

A homeowner can play their part in making sure their roof is in tip-top shape. You can inspect your roof from below with a pair of binoculars, or you could go up to your attic and look for stains. If you’re really committed, you can go find a checklist of things to inspect around your home to gauge your roof’s health.

However, your concerted efforts don’t replace a professional’s thorough, discerning inspection. Roofers are trained to perform complex checks that uncover your roof’s hidden issues. The longer these problems remain hidden the harder they become to fix and the costlier they become. So, act in your roof’s best interest and book a FREE consultation with us today. 

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