Commercial Roof Water Damage: How to Spot It

At Regions Commercial, we care for roofs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your home or your place of business. 

However, many businesses’ roofs differ greatly from your homes’ roofs – at least in terms of size and structure. So, both often require specific approaches to caring for them. Despite this, many of the same principles that inform roof maintenance still apply. 

For instance, you still want to avoid water damage as much as possible. For info on telltale signs of water damage and moisture buildup on commercial properties, read on.

Check Your Windows

Sometimes, you don’t have to look far for the source of water damage at your establishment. Poorly sealed windows can exacerbate your roof’s moisture buildup too. Poorly sealed windows often go unnoticed by business owners because – to most – if a window shuts, they never suspect there’s a problem.

If a window isn’t properly sealed, moisture from the air can seep through its cracks. Over time, the moisture your window lets in can affect your ceiling, roof, and walls by triggering mold growth and warping your drywall. If you would like to get your windows checked, don’t hesitate to get in contact with licensed, full-service contractors like us. 

Busted Pipes

Another thing that often causes water damage on commercial properties is busted pipes. What else could speed up moisture buildup than a pipe leaking out water? This is particularly common with pipes in your walls. Broken pipes can stem from a couple of issues, e.g., a drastic change in water pressure or deteriorating water supply lines & sewer drains. To spot leaky pipes, be on the lookout for wall stains, bulging walls, peeling paint, or cracked & loose tiles

If you fear that you may be dealing with busted pipes, reach out to your nearest water damage specialist to uncover any hidden issues that might be causing the water damage on your property.

HVAC Issues

Your A/C ducts can collect a lot of condensation if they’re faulty. If that condensation sits for long enough, you’re looking at consistent water damage.

Get in touch with HVAC specialists in your area to inspect your ducts to make sure they’re clear. Remember, your HVAC systems are extremely susceptible to wear and tear. 

As a result, inspect them periodically to curb moisture buildup on your property.

Snow & Ice Buildup

In colder climates like the Midwest and the East Coast, wintertime poses a serious threat to your roof’s health. If there is a substantial amount of snow or ice dams on your roof, you’ll need to dispose of them quickly and properly. If the job is done haphazardly, there is a much higher chance of your roof incurring water damage. 

Leaky Roofs

Your roof can leak for a number of reasons. As we’ve mentioned already, snow and ice can accumulate and cause moisture buildup. If it’s heavy enough, over time, it could affect your roof’s structure. There are several different reasons why and we cover plenty of them on our blog.

If you see any mold, mildew, or stains on the ceiling, you need to get it checked out. If you want to find out if your roof is behind the water damage you’re experiencing, get in touch with us now.

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