How to Find Out If Your Roofer is A Con Artist

If you ask any homeowner, they’ll concur that their home and its roof are two of their biggest investments. Thus, they both deserve the absolute best care you can give.

One of the biggest parts of caring for your roof is making sure that you only entrust its health to licensed, trustworthy individuals. Unfortunately, every amateur handyman these days wants to try their hand at roofing.

Letting one of these guys on your roof could be a disaster. Trust us, we’ve seen their work before. Summer’s heavy rains and torrid temperatures can put your roof through plenty of wear and tear. Many “roofers” look to prey on homeowners in dire need of repairs.

So, be on the lookout for these traits. They’ll let you know if you’re dealing with a shady roofer:

They Ask for a Big Down Payment

If your roofer is asking for a big down payment from the jump, you should be a little suspicious. Most roofers use their down payments to pay for the project’s materials. So, the rule of thumb is that a down payment should only command about 20% of the project’s overall bill.

Most times, shady roofers ask for huge down payments so they can run off without completing a day’s work. If you feel a roofer’s down payment is unusually high, feel free to ask them why and compare their down payment to other roofers in your area for the same job.

They Tell You About Mystery Damages

If a roofer comes to you after an inspection with a concerned look on their face, just remain calm. The next thing that’ll come out of their mouth is that your roof has costly, hidden damages that they need to fix. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Roofers use this trick to create a false sense of urgency and lure homeowners into making hasty decisions. Licensed roofers are trained to spot damages that the average homeowner can’t. However, if you want a second, more trustworthy set of eyes to check your roof, you’re welcome to do so. If there’s a big disparity between the two reports, you might have yourself a con artist.

They Give a Very Low Starting Bid

Shady roofers use this trick to prey on frugal homeowners who look to save on their roof’s maintenance. At first glance, it seems like a good deal; but, if something sounds too good to be true – it usually is.

 Many storm-chasers and shady roofers give their clients low starting bids to get a customer to sign a contract. Once the contract has been signed, they bombard their customers with hidden fees to fix “unforeseen problems” during the project.

Make sure that you get a written estimate from the roofer in question before you listen to any bids. If you’re still concerned about how low the bid is, feel free to consult with seasoned roofing professionals like us.

If your home or business’s roof needs work done, get in contact with Regions Commercial today. We’re full-licensed and certified, and we put our craftsmanship above all – every time.

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