What is a Roof Upgrade?

To many homeowners, a roof replacement and a roof upgrade sound like pretty much the same thing. Right? Well, not exactly. Either option will go a long way in improving your roof’s present but they’re rather different. If you want to learn the difference between the two and how one of them can improve your home’s value and efficiency, read on.

The Key Difference

With a roof replacement, your roof’s old shingles are removed and replaced with newer shingles made from the same material. With a roof upgrade, you could go with new shingle materials and a completely different design.

Before making your choice, we recommend that you get a professional roof inspection and counsel from seasoned roofing professionals. We even give free roof inspections. We’ll assess your roof and recommend the best option for your situation.

When Should I Get a Roof Upgrade?

If there’s no glaring physical damage to your roof, a simple replacement might do the trick. However, if your roof has suffered substantial damage over time, a roof upgrade would be your best bet. In fact, an upgrade lets you pick a more durable material for your roof.

We welcome our future clients to conduct a pre-inspection before we arrive. When you’re inspecting your roof, you should keep an eye out for these telltale signs of roof damage:

  • Cracked, curled or loose shingles
  • Puddles – check to see if water collects in the same place
  • Your roof is sagging

If your roof has more than one of these problems, kindly click this link to book your free inspection with us. You might be due for a roof upgrade.

If you want a more energy-efficient home, you may want to opt for a roof upgrade. Many homeowners don’t know that switching their shingles could not only save them money on their bills and extend their roof’s lifespan. If you want more information on how to get the most out of your roof’s warranty, click here.

Energy-efficient shingles have a higher level of solar reflectance than normal ones. Higher solar reflectance means the shingles trap less heat and minimize moisture buildup in your roof. This, in the long run, helps you keep a healthier roof. If you’re thinking about switching to more energy-efficient shingles, get in touch with us now.

Lastly, the decision between a roof replacement and a roof upgrade is completely situational. For instance, some homeowners may find that their current roofing materials and design aren’t suited for their region’s climate. In that case, they’re welcome to speak with licensed roofing professionals about their options.

Homeowners who use their roof for solar panels and other things sometimes learn that their current roofing setup doesn’t provide the long-term sturdiness that you need. If that’s the case, a roof upgrade will do the job. Get in touch with us to find out which shingle material can withstand your rooftop activities.

Sometimes all the homeowner wants is a big aesthetic change that will increase their home’s curb appeal. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in an eye-catching home? If you’re in need of a roof upgrade, look no further than us here at Regions Commercial Roofing. Call us if you want your roofing done right.

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