Why Does Your Flat Roof Leak?

Flat roofs have become an increasingly popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings alike. These roofs save their owners a ton of space and let you install heavy HVAC systems with relative ease. 

Another bonus of opting for a flat roof is that – most times – it makes repairs and maintenance easier for your roofer. However, owning a flat roof comes with its own set of challenges. Flat roofs get leaks – just like any other roof you’ll come across.

If your flat roof has been leaking, get in touch with us for a free inspection. If you’d like to learn more about the underlying issues causing your roof’s leak, read on:

Your Roof’s Membrane is Damaged

According to Foam Experts Roofing, your roof’s membrane is responsible for protecting your building’s interior from water. Over the years, more and more roofing contractors have opted for thin, single-ply membranes made from rubber. This is largely due to the fact that these membranes are inexpensive and quite easy to install.

However, as the membrane ages, it causes its owners a lot of issues. Rubber is very reactive to its environment. Over time, the membrane cracks, shrinks, and blisters due to the changes it experiences. This leaves plenty of tears for water to seep through. Once the water trickles through the cracks, it can build up in the insulation below and cause mold and mildew growth.

Your Flashing is Damaged

According to Guardian Home, contractors install flashing around flat roofs’ eaves and edges to keep excess moisture and precipitation from getting in. If you haven’t been consistent with your roof’s maintenance, it’s possible that your flashing has gone through substantial wear and tear. 

If you’ve already experienced substantial moisture buildup, call a water damage specialist immediately. If you need your flashing to be reinstalled, give us a call. Most customers’ problems with their flashing stem from improper installations. With licensed professionals like us on the job, you won’t have to worry about that.

Poor Design & Poor Workmanship

Poor workmanship usually stems from using subpar contractors. Never forget, roof installation is a very professional endeavor. At Regions Commercial, our crew members have amassed hundreds of hours at their craft. We’ve also got our certifications and licenses and, most of all, we don’t cut corners!

Poor design only exacerbates your roof’s aging process. If your flat roof was poorly constructed with low-grade materials, those are two valid reasons why any roof would leak. If you want to screen your roof for poor design, here are a few telltale signs:

  • Poor detailing around penetrations such as roof lights and soil vent pipes
  • Shallow roof pitches – this contributes to water “ponding” on the roof
  • Shallow upstands – upstands should be at 150mm high
  • Over-spanning decks

As experienced roofers, we look out for all these things and more. So, do what’s best for your property and entrust your roof’s health to seasoned roofing professionals. We treat each job with great care and attention to detail. So, give us a call if you want your roofing done right.

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